A little Mosquito story

This is the story of a little encounter that happened the other day in Switzerland…
A female and a male mosquito meet downtown Winterthur and the male says: ”You look awesome, Stingi! What is your secret?”
“Well, you know, Edward, I treated myself to this new thing in Switzerland, Natural Fresh. Basically, I just flew by this home in the outskirts of Winterthur, in Hegi. There are a few houses, where they have this awesome scent in the air. And you know what? It just takes this urge to bite and suck blood away from me! That is such a relief!“
And she thinks :” I am sure this guy cannot understand it truly, it’s a girls thing. Men are just different…” Then she went on: “ And it makes the humans go all peacy as well, no trying to hunt me down and hit me….and even better, they don’t turn on the light all the time !!! That was always SO annoying…Now they mostly sleep.”
Edwards thinks “I did not get it” and says in his elder statesman voice: ” Right, I heard talk about it! Seems like a cool thing for all of us, humans and superior beings (aka mosquitos). Maybe finally there can be peace between us and the human race.”
“Dreamer”, thinks Stingi and says “Well, you gotta be smart and careful as well. If you use the Natural Fresh therapy for more than 3 days, you will drop off the wall and die from hunger. So you better move out of the reach of it, holidays can’t last forever!”
Edward contemplates this and his mind comes up with the thought of the day : “You better change your diet to something easier to get, all this blood sucking is so “Twilight”, dramatic and gross… I hope this Natural Fresh is soon available all over Europe, then the ladies are forced to change their diet.”
Which shows THIS male was not so dumb after all…