Natural Mosquito Repellent

Discreet, unobtrusive and highly effective, Natural Fresh is the perfect way to ensure that you and your family don’t suffer from mosquito bites or interrupted nights. This exciting natural mosquito repellent is now available in Europe and is the ideal solution for use at home or when travelling.
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What is a natural repellent for mosquitos?

Natural Fresh is a unique and effective mosquito repellent that is safe for use in any setting. Many customers even say it is the best mosquito repellent. A pleasantly scented gel made from completely natural ingredients including citronella, camphor, garlic and pine oil, Natural Fresh is the smart way to free your environment from irritating mosquitos that can spoil your holiday and disturb your sleep. This scented gel is pleasant for humans but highly irritating to mosquitos and comes in discreet tubs that are just 6cm in diameter and 3cm in height. An effective room refresher that is safe for use around children and animals, 2 tubs are more than enough to keep even the largest room free from mosquitos.

How does Natural Fresh work?

Natural Fresh contains a selection of natural ingredients such as citronella that numb the receptors of mosquitos making it impossible for them to locate you. A simple room refresher, you simply remove the lid from a tub of Natural Fresh mosquito repellent and leave it open in the room you wish to be free from these annoying bugs. No more bites or sleepless nights, this natural mosquito repellent soon scares them off. Each tub lasts for around 3 weeks with continuous use, or up to 6 weeks when the lid is replaces during the day or during periods when you are out at work or on the beach.

How does Natural Fresh compare with other products

There are a number of other products on the market that aim to put an end to the mosquito problem. However, unlike Natural Fresh which is 100% natural mosquito repellent, many of these contain chemicals which can be harmful to humans as well as to the mosquito, and which can have an adverse effect on the environment. Deet for example is an effective way to kill mosquitos (other than homemade mosquito repellents) but it contains a host of chemicals and can cause irritation to the skin or respiratory system. Incense coils are popular but they need to be plugged in and the vapour that they produce is filled with toxic chemicals that can easily be inhaled. Although Natural Fresh won’t kill mosquitos, it will banish them from your immediate environment and is completely safe.
This award winning mosquito repellent has been available for over 15 years and is the smart way to defeat mosquitos without any harmful side effects. Now available in Europe, you can enjoy all the advantages and benefits of this 100% natural product at home or while on holiday.