Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

In fashion and popular, mosquito repellent bracelets sound and look like a great idea if you move around a lot whilst travelling around mosquito prone areas of the world. However, they can also leave a stain on your wrist, leak onto your clothes or generally spoil a fashion look. Mosquito repellent bracelets also vary on ingredients also the amount of whatever active mosquito repellent they contain, and so the effectiveness of mosquito repellent bracelets is questionable. A very effective idea that really works is Natural Fresh, the popular mosquito repellent made of 100% natural ingredients.
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Alternative For Mosquito Repellents Like Bracelets

Natural Fresh was developed by a dedicated scientist in Malaysia who was determined to find just the right quantities of the right ingredients to make a truly effective, natural mosquito repellent, which was easy to use. Equally as portable as a mosquito repellent bracelet, Natural Fresh is in a light weight tub which is just 6cms diameter, and 3cms high, making it similar in size to a mosquito repellent bracelet. However, instead of putting it on or having to wear it all the time, just open it up and sit it next to you wherever you stop, and the mosquitos will buzz off straight away.

A Proven, Lasting, Sweet Scented Mosquito Repellent Solution

Not only using very effective and natural ingredients, but having been mixed in the correct proportions, into a formula containing citronella oil, camphor, garlic extract and pine oil, Natural Fresh has become a popular mosquito repellent all over the world. The product has been proven and tested by science to work without fail, wherever you roam on the planet. The mix from these naturally occurring substances is also very pleasant to smell and use. As an added bonus, although the therapeutic qualities of the oils used in Natural fresh are highly repellent to mosquitos, for us humans, using this formula also leads to a balanced, calming atmosphere, which, is also safe and great for children of all ages. It has even been reported to help the little ones drift off to sleep!

Economical Mosquito Repellent: No Mess, Long Lasting Tub

With one tub of natural fresh room refresher and mosquito repellent lasting 3 weeks when open all the time, it’s all you need for personal protection in smaller areas, (under 12m sq) or when the tubs is just sat just next to where you are. However, if you’re leaving one in your room, screw the top back on and one tub will last up to 6 weeks. For areas over 12m sq, it is a good idea to have two tubs, strategically placed to cover the whole area.