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Natural Fresh – Basics

Natural Fresh is a room refresher that fills the air with a nice, yet unobtrusive scent of Camphor and Citronella. For us it is pleasant, yet for mosquitos it is not.

  • Natural Fresh is a room refresher in a small ! tub. 2 tubs are as long as an iPhone 4
  • With measures of 6 cm diameter and 3 cm in height it is the perfect companion for your rooms at home, for all travels or even for a relaxed evening in the restaurant.
  • Use it in bed- or bathrooms, in a tent or camper/RV.
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Components are Camphor powder, Citronella, Garlic oil and Pine oil.
  • Used at the Olympic Summer games in Beijing / China because of its proven effectiveness and the lack of any chemicals.
  • Natural Fresh* won various prices on conventions for best innovations in China and Malaysia, but also in  London and Geneva. Its inventor is now one of the best known inventors in Malaysia and he was rewarded with the title “ Dato ’ ”, which  may only be conferred by a hereditary royal ruler of one of the nine Malay states.
  • Invented 15 years ago, it is time that this product finally finds its way to Europe. Patented in Asia, it was introduced with studies that prove the effectiveness and that it is harmless to humans.
  • No need to spray yourself, no electricity needed, no burning, no toxic materials like DEET. It just can’t be more simple.
  • Safe to use around babies. In all the years in which it was used in Asia, West Africa, New Zealand and Arabia there has been no incident. I myself use it since 2005 for my family and myself . Naturally, I would ask you to be more prudent if your children suffer from allergies.
  • The inventor tested more than 300 combinations until it finally worked. And it DID work in the end!


How does it work?

Simply remove the lid from the tub and the emitting scent will numb the receptors of the mosquitos, taking away their ability to find you. And, since the smell is irritating to them, they will leave the area. They will not be killed (you can’t have it all, it’s all natural, remember? …).
If you close the lid again, they will return to their normal abilities (please leave the room J).
Leave it open for three days and they die of hunger or they have been smart enough to move out before that.

How long does it last?

Once opened and never closed again, it will last for 3 weeks. But if you close the lid in the morning, when you go to work or to do all the exciting things that your holiday is there for(like doing nothing..), it will last at least 6 weeks.

How much do I need?

In a normal bedroom of 12-18 m2, I have always used 2 tubs, one on each side of the bed. I had a few people coming back saying that they had used one only and got a bite or two. That problem was gone when they added the second one.
*Product name different in Asia