Well, so why do we exist…?

I think the story starts in Miami where I was living for some time and where mosquitos lived well off of me….in summer, swarms of mosquitos would raise into the air in the Everglades and fly towards the city for their annual biting festival. The invasion was always countered by planes spraying pesticides to limit the attack. But of course there were always more than enough for my daughter and I…

Stressed, I went online and discovered  Natural Fresh*, had it sent over from Malaysia and tried it in my bedroom. For my daughter and me that was the end of mosquito stress. No lights on, hunting, hitting, sometimes making it, sometimes missing, lights off anymore and waiting for the ZZZZZZZ…

When I moved to Switzerland in 2007 and after my stock had run out, I tried to buy again in Europe, just to realize that it was not available here. Then I met a neighbor, carrying her three year old daughter. They had just come back from a holiday in Corsica and the little one looked as if she had been hit full force by a chickenpox attack. But in fact it turned out that she was covered head to toe in mosquito bites, which she had scratched open….I think that was the moment when I decided that I wanted Natural Fresh to be available in Europe.

There is no need for millions of adults and especially children being buzzed at and being bitten by mosquitos in their homes, in tents or campers, when there is something out there that is a 100% natural, simple and effective means of stopping the terror. Especially these days, where the buggers are not only annoying, but on top of that carry more and more diseases, even  here in Europe.

One year later, after a lot of talks with the authorities and the inventor, here we are, with the „Natural Fresh Limited“ being founded, exclusive distributor contracts for Europe and South Africa signed and my storage filled with the first pallet of an amazing product. Now we are ready to roll !

And trust me, I have a busy job already (that I will keep) and I would not have gone through all this trouble on top of my usual work if this would have been just another Citronella product that promises a lot, just to keep little of  it.

I do hope that a lot of people that have suffered disappointments with all natural products give Natural Fresh a chance. I know from my own experience (and by now as well from neighbors/ friends and colleagues) that this works and that nobody needs to spend the summer at home or generally holidays in the sun with the annoying thought that your night will be interrupted by mosquitos. Now you protect your family and yourself simply, safely and affordably.

*Product name different in Asia