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for the sensitive skin

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incognito & Natural Fresh


Welcome to the home of natural mosquito defense!

Mosquito defense ? Naturally!
Natural Fresh Room Refresher
for the inside and incognito spray for outdoors,
the award winning incognito mosquito repellent products without DEET or any other pesticides.

incognito-Spray and Roll-On

incognito is a spray that can be used on skin and hair and clothing as well. It contains no DEET or other pesticides and is certified as 100% natural, is biodegradable and has been voted best natural insect spray for 3 consecutive years by Janey Lee Grace, well known in the UK for a lot of things, among them her relentless search for natural alternatives. The reason for the awards ?
“It simply works!” Against 3500 kinds of mosquitos worldwide, ticks and many more …..
Ideal for all that are on-the-go, be it for a walk, hiking, running, shopping or anything else you fancy. incognito spray is as well an ideal protection for wildlife photographers, hunters and people going fishing. incognito is the perfect complement to go along Natural Fresh, which protects you indoors, in your bedroom, tent or camper/caravan.
Incognito spray gives you effective protection for up to 5 hours against mosquitos. Reapply after swimming or after periods of elevated perspiration.

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Natural Fresh room refresher

Natural Fresh is a natural and safe room refresher including among others camphor, citronella, garlic and pine oil. Natural Fresh has the added power of these ingredients to really put you in an exclusion zone that mosquitoes will avoid. Used as the official room refresher and repellent at the Beijing Olympic Games, Natural Fresh has become increasingly popular in personal applications, especially because it is completely chemical free and because it smells good too! Created over fifteen years ago by a Malaysian inventor, it has won many prizes in the far east, as well as in Geneva and London, and is available in many countries. Now, it is easily available in Europe for the first time.

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Some more products – for everywhere

Shampoo, Shower Gel, Moisturiser

The Shampoo & Shower Gel contains rareorganic Java Citronella. It significantly reduces kairomones, which are on your skin and make you attractive to mosquitos.

The Moisturiser replenishes your skin and also helps prevent insect bites. Aloe Vera and sunflower wax make this product great for after sun use or if you simply want to make your skin feel great. The organic java citronella helps to protect you from biting and irritating insects. Use it together with the signature incognito spray for an unprecedented level of natural protection.

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Loofah Soap, Zap Ease

The Loofah is a truly special product. It contains a bar of Soap with a great smell and has rare Java Citronella in it that the mosquitoes are not used to. This is your all in one shower product, it conditions and polishes the skin. Feel clean like never before. We actually use it at home now throughout the year because it noticeably cleanses and removes detritus from skin pores. But this is as well an essential for your holiday and any extended travel.

“Zap Ease” is the most effective way to significantly reduce the itching and the wish to scratch yourself. So small and lightweight that you can take it anywhere. Clinically tested at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the “Zap” was proven to reduce itching within 5 minutes of use, works for 5 years or 1000 bites! Not suitable for those fitted with a pacemaker or children under 2 years.

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Smelly sticks, Soap, Deostick

This incense is a very effective, chemical free, non-toxic mosquito shield. It has a completely natural fragrance and emits strong, refreshing notes that help to keep the majority of insects away

Unlike ordinary soaps, this citronella bar does not attract insects, in fact it significantly reduces your attractiveness to insects.

Fabulous new incognito® citronella deodorant. 100% natural. This is the first time ever a crystal stick has been able to contain an essential oil; rare Java citronella, making this a highly effective body odour mask.

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Multiple awards winning product


The latest award: On the 21st of april 2015 incognito won the prestiguos “Queens Award” in the UK (yes, THE Queen) for sustainablility


Being the first DEET free mosquito repellent that is biodegradable and has a 95% recycling rate is only part of the amazing facts about incognito.

We are proud to be able to offer these products to our customers.


Easy and Portable Mosquito Repellent

Presented in a small round, green tub measuring 6cms diameter, it is also only 4cms deep, making it an unobtrusive, light weight addition to your luggage. Simply open the lid of the tub, and leave by your bed or on a side table. The room, or even your tent, caravan or holiday home, will be filled with the fresh fragrance, and the offending insects will simply buzz off. One tub works in a small room or tent, (under 12m squared) two in a medium to large room. With enough product to be effective for three weeks if left open all the time, just close when you leave the room, and one tub will last as much as six weeks. Economical and simply packaged, it offers a safe, ecological and yet powerful solution to the big problem of mosquitos.

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Natural Fresh for a Scented and Mosquito-Free Room

Given that the only contact anyone ever has with Natural Fresh room refresher is its lovely, fresh scent, it is also very safe and non-toxic for children. It also has the advantage of not only repelling mosquitos, but many other small biting insects will also move out. Backpack travellers will love that it drives cockroaches away from your bed, amking low-cost travel somewhat less of a problem. Great for a pleasant atmosphere, Natural Fresh, unlike mosquito repellents, also does not have to be applied directly to the skin or clothes. So, no more stains, ‘funny’ smells or, more importantly, rashes due to allergic reactions. A naturally great Mosquito repellent, it could not be simpler for you or your family.

*** As of june 2014 we offer for our German and Swiss customers “incognito”, the best spray on the market. 100% natural, yet stronger than DEET. For the whole family! For UK customers or general info please visit***

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